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Why The Insurance Industry Must Tailor Communications Strategies

News   •   Mar 16, 2017 10:30 GMT

Sam Madden, Director at Wiraya, describes why insurance companies must move beyond batch and blast campaigns to entice bombarded prospects.

Insurers know they need to create tailored, relevant messaging that works across a large customer base. In an ideal world, every insurer would speak personally to each customer and provide the best possible service. But with hundreds of thousands of customers, this just isn’t possible.

In a recent study, Wiraya discovered that 86% of customers who left their insurance, energy, mobile or banking provider said they would have been more content with the service if had they been contacted in the way that they preferred, in a timely manner (20%). Added to this, nearly one in five (17%) complained that they never receive relevant information.

With relevant and timely communication having the biggest impact on loyalty, insurers need to find a way to deliver in these areas that isn’t expensive and time consuming.

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