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Who does your customer want to speak to? Helen Mirren, Tom Hardy and Ewan McGregor top the bill

News   •   Jun 01, 2017 17:01 BST

There is huge potential in the voice channel, despite PPI calls creating a stigma around automated calls.

On a recent trip to the States I was staggering through jet lag in order to organise a wake-up call in my hotel in Nashville. I was given a choice of automated messages from country and western stars to deliver my wake-up call – a novelty, but a novelty which apparently is more in demand than definitely I ever considered.

According to a survey by marketing company Wiraya in partnership with YouGov, Helen Mirren is the celebrity voice most people would like to hear from on a businesses’ automated voice call system. The actress was selected by almost a fifth of respondents (17%), followed by Ewan McGregor (11%) and Tom Hardy (9%).

Voice is becoming huge business, with one only needing to look at the popularity and increasing use of services such as Siri, Alexa and Watson to see that companies are betting big on this type of automated tech.

The survey revealed that over a quarter (26%) of Brits are already interacting with day-to-day technology using voice and 71% think it will be used for one or more daily tasks in 10 years’ time.

Sam Madden, UK Director at Wiraya said: “The report reveals a growing acceptance of personalised automated calls from utilities, insurance and financial service providers in a range of key engagements. In a post PPI world the results show the real value of voice in delivering an enhanced experience for customers.”

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