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What will Google’s click-to-message feature mean for ‘spontaneous’ content?

News   •   Dec 05, 2016 10:57 GMT

86% of disgruntled customers blame poor communication

Almost two-thirds of consumers feel undervalued by the brands they subscribe to, leading many to cancel long-term service arrangements.

A report from cloud-based technology providers Wiraya surveyed 500 consumers who have recently switched one of the following services to a competing provider:

  • Banking
  • Utilities
  • Mobile networks
  • Insurance

Of the 62% that don’t feel sufficiently valued, 86% stated that they would’ve been less likely to switch had communications with the brand been better.

47% of respondents felt they didn’t receive relevant information, or it wasn’t sent at the right time. While approximately one-fifth highlighted email communications as a major let down. A severe lack of relevance was the main complaint.

While banks and mobile networks came out better than the traditionally popular and wholly trustworthy insurance and utilities industries, more relevance and personalisation was relevant to all.

This shows how much further content marketers must go to develop the types of email marketing strategy that can keep consumers sweet. Here are some of the ways that content marketers can begin to address these consumer concerns:

  • Segment email marketing campaign lists by using marketing personas and any known personal preferences.
  • Send out regular broadcast emails (such as a newsletter, product or sale promotion) as well as automated, behaviour-based messages.
  • Sub-categorise subscribers whose engagement has dropped off and target them with relevant, valuable content that might persuade them to stay.

If content marketers integrate these methods into their email marketing strategy, then there might not be quite so much love lost with long-standing subscribers.