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Sweden’s Telenor makes GDPR consent personal

News   •   May 22, 2018 14:04 BST

With Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in a matter of days, Scandinavian mobile network operator (MNO) Telenor Sweden has reported market-leading results for obtaining GDPR consent from its customers, after working with managed mobile customer activation firm Wiraya.

While the volume of emails to end-users seeking consent to retain their details after GDPR goes live has become something of a running joke in recent weeks, the process of preparing for compliance is a very serious one, as breaches of the regulations will be dealt with severely.

Telenor Sweden enlisted Wiraya to handle its GDPR consent campaign, ensuring future compliance and improving customer experience.

“Getting customer consent wrong could mean far more than huge fines for your business – it could mean losing all trust and credibility with your customer base,” said Wiraya UK director Sam Madden. “It could mean losing your edge to competitors.

“The successful campaign we are running with Telenor makes it clear that how brands seek this consent will be crucial.”

Telenor Sweden and Wiraya used a hybrid approach to obtaining consent, enlisting mobile communication methods and a multichannel strategy that was personalised to each of its 2.67 million user subscriptions according to their previously expressed preferences.

“By starting with a personalised phone call, customers can quickly and easily understand the importance of being in control of their data,” said Madden. “Based on how the customer interacts with this call, they receive a text message with simple next steps.

“The most effective text messages include a personalised link for the customer to simply update details and consent to the use of their data.”