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Marketers Have the Appreciation of the C-suite; Video’s Viewability Comes Out on Top

News   •   Dec 05, 2016 10:53 GMT

Brands must pick their moments

Nearly a fifth of customers (17%) across different providers feel they never receive relevant or timely information from brands, according to research by cloud company Wiraya.

Almost nine-in-ten (86%) say that had they been communicated with in the “right way” and at the “right time” for them, it would have affected their decision to leave a provider.

However, half of respondents are happy to receive information about loyalty programmes (51%), and most said they want to know important facts about their account. These include when their card or payment has been declined (45%), and if there’s been a notification of a renewal date end (38%).

Although banks and mobile providers fare slightly better than insurance and energy providers when it comes to communicating with their customers, 42% of existing customers feel they receive worse benefits compared to new customers.