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Four startups powered by Artificial Intelligence

News   •   Dec 05, 2016 11:06 GMT

  • Wiraya is another interesting company developing AI innovation. The firm is currently designing and developing a cloud-based platform for tailored, real-time customer service dialogue. It’s being used by companies to help them engage and retain customers. Their UK director Sam Madden, believes that AI has the ability to transform communication. He says: “Twitter’s latest delve into the world of chatbots is another example of how rapidly artificial intelligence is taking over as a communication tool. AI has suffered some backlash with many imagining sci-fi movies depicting robots taking over the world, or stealing people’s jobs.” He continues: “However, AI isn’t just about chatbots and futuristic tools – it can be applied and integrated intelligently and subtly across existing communication channels, helping to create a more personalised, relevant dialogue between a brand and the customer. It’s about uncovering data that helps to understand how customers behave and react, then using that insight to adapt the message and approach.”