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European Commission awards Wiraya €2m to stimulate artificial intelligence innovation in Europe

News   •   Feb 13, 2018 10:27 GMT

Wiraya, which develops a Managed Mobile Customer Activation software, has been awarded €2 million in innovation grants by the European Commission, for the development of Wiraya Activation Intelligence (“Wiraya AI”).

The contribution will enable further development, validation and optimization of Wiraya’s artificial intelligence software to help Europe’s mobile operators improve customer value for their subscribers, and thereby customer loyalty.

The new functionality, Wiraya AI, automatically creates interactive voice and text communications, which allows individual dialogue with large customer groups. This will revolutionize the customer experience for a range of use cases such as upgrades, renewal, changes and support issues.

This will address rising industry challenges as European mobile telecom operators continue to tackle low customer satisfaction and loyalty. Despite advanced churn prediction models, operators often communicate with their customers as if they were still prospects, using generic communication that erodes trust and commitment.

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